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Internship Supervision and Mentoring
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This course enables MGIS students who participate at a distance through the University's World Campus to earn credit through contributions to the Department's resident programs. Qualified MGIS students will be encouraged to earn one credit (up to a maximum of three) for every semester that they supervise a resident Penn State Geography student in GIS-related internship conducted in the MGIS student's place of work. Qualifications will be judged by MGIS students' academic advisors. Advisors will help MGIS students recruit qualified internship candidates. Advisors will also evaluate the quality of supervision on the basis of the documentation provided by both the MGIS student and the student intern he or she supervised. MGIS students unable to provide internships may still contribute by serving as mentors to students enrolled in the resident course EM SC 300: Professional e-Portfolio Development, through the University's LionLink program.

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Applications in GIS
Geospatial Intelligence
Geospatial Programming and Software Development
Remote Sensing and Image Analysis

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Summer 2024
Fall 1, 2024
Fall 2, 2024
Spring 1, 2025
Spring 2, 2025
Summer 2025

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