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We Are!

If you’ve been to a Penn State football game, you might have heard the call and response: “We Are!” “Penn State!” It’s more than a slogan. It’s a recognition that we’re family.

We Are Community

At Penn State, students, faculty, and alumni from our 24 campuses take pride in working together to improve the communities we serve. As a student in one of our online geospatial education programs, you are part of that community!

As an Online Penn State student…
You Are Part of Our Campus
You Are Part of the Student Body
You Are Part of Our Family

We Are Unique: What Sets Penn State Online Geospatial Education Apart

Outstanding Faculty

Our faculty are committed to creating an engaging and inclusive online learning environment. These individuals demonstrate excellence in academic teaching and are experts in the geospatial field.

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A Dedicated and Active Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of leaders in the geospatial field and internal stakeholders who have a broad range of expertise in GIScience. Advisory board members lend their knowledge and professional expertise to ensure that our online geospatial education programs are relevant, impactful, and sustainable.

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Amazing Students, Unique Stories

Our students possess diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents, and their journeys in our programs are unique. We enjoy featuring their experiences!

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Award-Winning Excellence

We take pride in the unique contributions, talents, and skills of our students and faculty, from winning academic awards for exemplary work in the geospatial field to advancing knowledge through prestigious journal publications.

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We Offer a Compelling Program

Our online geospatial education program reflects far more than a sequence of coursework resulting in a credential. We are committed to providing students with personalized experiences consisting of meaningful engagement with faculty and other students, mentorship and networking opportunities, and significant professional growth in the geospatial field.

Our program is one of a small number of academic units around the world recognized as a participant in the Esri Innovation Program (EIP). The EIP seeks to promote GIS software and application development by providing students special access to Esri software and opportunities to be recognized for their accomplishments.

Ready to become part of our community?

We welcome new applicants to our program.