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Academic Advising

Individual advising is a hallmark of our programs. Steeped in academic teaching excellence and real-world industry expertise, our advisors offer unique perspectives into the benefits and applications of our programs and courses.

Welcome From Our Advisors

Hear more from each of our advisors about their background, their interest in learning about our students, and the services they can offer in our degree and certificate programs.

Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Timely Advising

Personal Touch
Personal Touch

Our advisors will get to know you and take an active interest in helping you meet your professional goals. We want to hear from you!


Advisors are available via email, phone, Zoom, etc. – whatever method of contact you prefer.

Real World Experience
Real-World Expertise

Our advisors have worked as professionals in their respective fields and maintain close contacts with professional organizations. We can also connect you to other Penn State resources and faculty that will benefit your educational experience.

Achieve Goals
Achieve Your Goals

Our advisors will work closely with you so that your courses and choice of certificate or degree align with your academic and professional aspirations.

Options, Options, Options!

Our program offers more than 30 courses. We can help you determine which courses meet degree and certificate requirements and which will best suit personal interests and professional goals.

How Can We Help You?

Email us at with your specific questions. The relevant advisor will respond to you promptly.

Program Advisors

Advisors for each program in Online Geospatial Education are listed below. If you are a prospective student, do not hesitate to contact us about a program or programs that interest you. If you are a current student, stay in touch! Our advisors are here to help you complete your certificate or degree successfully.

Adrienne Goldsberry

Program Advisor: Adrienne Goldsberry, M.A.

I advise students in the GIS Certificate program. I am their main point of contact during their time in the program and at Penn State. I help them to select and plan their courses so that they are prepared for professional work or for continuing their studies in a master’s program.

To contact Adrienne, email and our program will see that Adrienne receives your message and answers you directly.

Jim Detwiler

Program Advisor: Jim Detwiler, M.S.

I advise students in the Geospatial Programming and Web Map Development Certificate program. This involves contacting new applicants to provide a program orientation, fielding questions from students as they pursue the credential, and identifying students who have earned the credential at the end of each term.

To contact Jim, email and our program will see that Jim receives your message and answers you directly.

Karen Schuckman

I advise students in the Remote Sensing and Earth Observation Certificate program. I conduct entrance interviews with applicants and help them plan course registration and schedules to meet their needs and interests. I also provide advising assistance for students in other programs who want to include one or more remote sensing courses in their curricula.

To contact Karen, email and our program will see that Karen receives your message and answers you directly.

Beth King

Program Advisor: Beth King, M.Ed.

I advise students in the Master of GIS and Master of Science in Spatial Data Science programs. I conduct entrance interviews, help plan student course schedules, register students for required workshops, ensure students are getting the help they need, assist with assigning advisers, support students from entry into the program until graduation, and oversee exit interviews.

To contact Beth, email and our program will see that Beth receives your message and answers you directly.

Greg Thomas

Program Advisor: Gregory A. Thomas, Ph.D.

I am an advisor for students in the Intelligence and Geospatial Analysis option in the Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security, as well as for students in the GEOINT certificate program. 

To contact Greg, email and our program will see that Greg receives your message and answers you directly.