GEOG 580
Geovisual Analytics
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This seminar engages students in the emerging science of analytical reasoning mediated through human-centered interactive geographic visualization and computational methods. Students will examine the state-of-art in geovisual analytics science through a focused literature review and assess the extent to which various contemporary geovisual analytics platforms are usable and support analytical reasoning. This course provides students with hands-on experience with the design, implementation, and application of geovisual analytics tools to solve complex problems across a variety of domain contexts.

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Applications in GIS
Geospatial Programming and Software Development
ArcGIS Insights
ArcGIS Pro
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Upcoming Offerings

Semester Instructor
Fall 1, 2022 Amy Burnicki,
Spring 1, 2023 Amy Burnicki,
Summer, 2023 Amy Burnicki,
Fall 1, 2023

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I am an educator and researcher in Geographic Information Science, passionate about leveraging maps and human-centered design to make spatial data more accessible, legible, and valuable.

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