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GEOG 883
Remote Sensing Image Analysis and Applications
LIDAR image of a suburban neighborhood

From satellites gathering imagery from hundreds of miles above the Earth's surface to aerial systems mounted with lasers capable of generating 3D maps with centimeter accuracy, we're gathering more data about our Earth from above than ever before. This course will help you make sense of these complex and exciting datasets. Whether your interest is in natural disasters, environmental assessment, or national security, we'll give you the tools, methods, and techniques to extract actionable and meaningful information from these data. This course will help you understand that an image is more than just a pretty picture.

At a Glance


Fundamentals of GIS and Mapmaking
Geospatial Intelligence
Remote Sensing and Image Analysis
Amazon Web Services
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Pro
eCognition Developer
SyllabusGEOG 883 Syllabus

Upcoming Offerings

Semester Instructor
Summer 2024 Jitendra Bal (JB) Sharma, Ph.D.
Fall 1, 2024 Jitendra Bal (JB) Sharma, Ph.D.
Spring 1, 2025 Jitendra Bal (JB) Sharma, Ph.D.
Summer 2025

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What Our Students Say

GEOG 883 was an essential step in my growth.

“GEOG 883 was an essential step in my growth as a practitioner in the field of Conservation GIS/RS. The course gave me a sound foundation in OBIA, which produces more accurate results in classifying medium- to high-resolution imagery than traditional pixel-based methods. I'm using it every day to create land use/land coverproducts for use in mapping, analysis and modeling.”

— Natasha Gregory-Michelman

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