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GEOG 484
GIS Database Development
map with polygons

In GEOG 484, students will learn to integrate geographic data compiled from various sources. Students who successfully complete the course are able to specify and perform the tasks involved in creating a digital geographic database, including georeferencing scanned base maps, digitizing vector features, entering attribute data, and compiling metadata. Geography 484 requires use of Esri's ArcGIS software. Prerequisite: GEOG 483 or similar experience.

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Applications in GIS
Fundamentals of GIS and Mapmaking
ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Pro
SyllabusGEOG 484 Syllabus

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What Our Students Say

I use what I learned pretty much every day at work.

“GEOG 484 taught me an immediately-applicable skillset -- I use what I learned pretty much every day at work. The final project in GEOG 484 dealt with concepts that I encounter at least once a week, and because of its carefully-chosen and structured project parts, I find I am able to deal with many database issues when I encounter them “in the wild."”

— Kalan Contreras

Helped reinforce my foundational GIS knowledge.

“Penn State’s GIS Database Development course helped reinforce my foundational GIS knowledge and took my database structure and management skills to the next level. I was immediately able to take what I learned in class and apply it in my workplace.”

— Mike S.

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