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GEOG 570
Capstone in Spatial Data Science
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This course constitutes a culminating experience in the MS in Spatial Data Science (SDS). The course includes a semester project that demonstrates an SDS student's skills and ability to apply advanced knowledge of spatial data science principles to make a substantial contribution to research in Spatial Data Science. Students in this course work individually to design, implement, and report on a project based on the application of spatial data science knowledge and skillsets gained through the SDS curriculum. Students will also collaborate with each other to iteratively develop and refine project topics, methods, and solutions. Students are oriented at the beginning of the course with modules reviewing research methods, public presentation strategies, and scholarly communication skills. Students commence their research immediately at the beginning of the semester and meet weekly milestones through the balance of the semester, engaging in peer review to refine their work in addition to receiving guidance from their instructor.

At a Glance


Applications in GIS
Geospatial Intelligence
Geospatial Programming and Software Development
Remote Sensing and Image Analysis

Upcoming Offerings

Semester Instructor
Summer 2024 Amy Burnicki, Ph.D.
Fall 1, 2024 Amy Burnicki, Ph.D.
Spring 1, 2025 Brandi Gaertner, Ph.D.
Summer 2025 Jim Detwiler, M.S.

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