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GEOG 863
Web Application Development for the Geospatial Professional
person using a tablet-based map

Locating restaurants in an unfamiliar place, reporting potholes to the local DOT, obtaining real-time traffic conditions...all of these are examples of geospatial web apps that are revolutionizing how people obtain and share information about the world. In GEOG 863, you will learn how to build apps like these. You'll start with a quick look at the fundamentals of web programming (HTML and CSS) before diving in to using JavaScript and a mapping application programming interface (API) developed by Esri. Using this API, you'll create both 2D and 3D visualizations of your own data and learn how to develop a user interface to enable users to interact with your map.

At a Glance


Geospatial Programming and Software Development
ArcGIS API for Javascript
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Web AppBuilder
Portal for ArcGIS
SyllabusGEOG 863 Syllabus

Upcoming Offerings

Semester Instructor
Summer 2024 Jim Detwiler, M.S.
Fall 1, 2024 Jimmy Kroon, MGIS
Spring 1, 2025 Jimmy Kroon, MGIS
Summer 2025

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